Cleanup: The First Day

Our dumpster has arrived, and we wasted no time in getting some items into it 🙂

The view from the porch. Lilac bush zealous autocrop

The dumpster is quite a bit bigger (taller) than I remember our previous 40 yard, and it was also placed a bit farther away from the front porch than I had hoped, but its still accessible enough for us to fill it. I’m hoping that we will be able to open one of the upstairs windows to toss stuff in from one of the upstairs rooms.

Today’s Interesting Finds:

  • Envelope of quarters
  • Automatronic singing birdcage
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Approximately 100 blank VHS tapes
  • Leather Rocker

Of the above, we will likely end up keeping only the envelope of quarters (~$6).

We started at the front door and tried to clear away as much as we could with the provided level of light. The interior gets very dark just after sundown, so our timeframes are limited. We did manage to get the door open! Here’s the welcoming view into the front parlor:

The console TV is under here, but where is the remote?

This is the view just after entering, opposite the views you saw at our first look inside, which were taken in the room picture through this doorway:

The blue couch is visible here. Not sure how anyone managed to squeeze behind it in this position when the house was clear.

This was the area of our first focus, so we could start at one corner and make our way across to the larger piles. The stairs are immediately to the right as you enter the front door, so it was easy to get trash out the front door and into the dumpster. It also helps clear the way to the second floor:

Yes, the trash is level with the landing. No, that does not make the landing handicap accessible.

The other side of the front of the house has a large window against the porch, but moving these items out of the house will require getting the door more open, and more heft too:

Pictured is a nifty changing screen and a discarded birdcage. The previous owner did keep parrots. The box seen here is invaluable to us, imagine the trips to the dumpster we can save!

As I mentioned, there are a number of items related to organizing and cleaning in the house, mostly unused. This was the third closet organizer we found, along with countless containers (which made great trash bins) and laminated particleboard shelves (wrapped)

The majority of what was thrown away was mouse-eaten papers, clothes, and books, along with the aforementioned pallet full of VHS tapes. I’m sure they were got at a very good price. We did manage to uncover a corner of what we thought was a desk, but turned out to be a console television, before it got too dim to see any further. The door was nailed back up and we carefully navigated back out through the kitchen (extra treacherous in the dark).

We thought that a wheelbarrow would help, but the dumpster opens on the other end (the one away from the porch) and trucking this over is just about as tedious as the overhand method. I might try making a ramp or staircase up to the dumpster; pushing countless loads of messy refuse 7 feet in the air is a great workout, but even for a tall guy, its a stretch.

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