The Chimney Bricked

It’s been done for a while now (seeing how you can’t really lay bricks in the winter), but since the last update, the chimney brickwork is complete!

Like it was never gone!

The pareidolia is even stronger now. Obi Wan was right.

The bottom of the chimney, where the flue would have risen into the original bricks, has been replaced with a cement cap.

…and a convenient bench!

This cast cap will keep the water out of the basement, But, the variety in the depth of the siding will not keep the water out of the sheathing. There are gaps at the end of each board that will need to be caulked when the house is painted.

Not unlike this one.

The ends of the boards seem a bit rough at a close inspection, but I can think of a few good ways to help that before we caulk. ‘Well begun is half done.’

Or in this case, ‘doing something is better than doing nothing.’

Or possibly more accurately, ‘better than a hot stick in your eye.’

Anyway, as outlined earlier, the brick veneer does not protrude past the roof line.

Not even an inch.

But, it does reach directly to the roof line. That is, the roof sheathing that will eventually fill this tarped hole will sit right on top of the brick. This should make a good caulk joint.

The largest problem I face now is that the mason took the scaffold away, and I can’t reach the roof…

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