Don’t rush into anything!

We’re pretty sure we want to get moving on cleaning up our hoard. Every time I think about the house, I get excited about what treasures we are going to find, what changes we are going to make to the layout, how smooth I am gonna get the new drywall, the type of plumbing I want to use, and so on. I was geared up and ready to get documents signed this Friday, two days from now, but it seems that our sellers miscalculated their timing for being able to return to Michigan to finish removing all of the items they want to save from the house. We will now have to wait a further two weeks to see them again and complete the sale.

The overgrown hoard happens to come with a free outside cat! Probably several!

Luckily, this caused an introspection into the projects I already have open. We are working on plumbing for another building (a redundant bathroom, but still not completely usable at this point. We have a fair bit of construction to accomplish at our first rental. And, we just tore out a wall of cabinets in our own kitchen to install some new ones we are building.

I’m sure that if we had forged forward with the planned purchase on Friday, I would not be able to resist getting the chainsaw out to trim away the overgrown trees, and start sifting my way into the basement to check out the condition of the walls and other systems. But, then I would be neglecting my in progress projects. So, we’re left with a solid two week chunk in which we can work through as much of the backlog as possible.

Now I just have to ACTUALLY focus on those other projects… Maybe I’ll try using diving into the hoard as an incentive?

P.S. First posted photo of the house!¬†As you can see from the empty mounting plate, the gas has been shut off some time ago, and there is plenty of vegetation right up against the house (and in the front yard) to attend to. We learned from the sellers that the previous owner did a lot of research into the neighborhood, and somewhere in the house there are piles of old documents and photos! Can you see how I can’t resist getting excited?

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