Happy Hoardsmas!

Albert Alpaca says happy new year, too!

Thanks everyone for voting in our poll! It seems that, based on your feedback, we will be showcasing more of our non-hoard house projects on this very blog:

Do you want more information from other houses we work on?

Which is nice, because the hoard is only one house and can only have so many problems (I hope). Different houses have different construction styles, and therefore different problems to solve, and different ways of executing repairs.

Plus, being torn between two bathroom designs, for instance, is no longer a problem if you have two or more bathrooms to remodel.

So, in the coming year, I can only hope for an equally amazing amount of support for the blog as you have all already shown me, and thanks to your guidance, expect to see more helpful information on different maintenance, repair, DIY, and construction projects, too!

See you next year!

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