Planning For Spring

Updates on the hoard are (hopefully) understandably sparse during the winter months. Luckily, this is the last week of sub-zero temperatures in our area!

And, while I finish up my punch-list of what to do first once spring hits, I return home to this:

More work!

So about that list…

Yeah, you want details, eh? Well, the contents haven’t changed much since last update, though the order may have been altered somewhat.

  • Cleanup
    • Remove items we wish to keep for cleanup/resale
    • Contract another dumpster for remaining trash and construction debris, load dumpster
    • Examine flooring quality for refinishing/replacement
    • Repair non-functioning interior pocket door
  • Electrical
    • Confirm no electricity at meter, disconnect wiring from panel
    • Run new wiring to furnace and panel-local plug
    • Plan locations of fixtures and outlets
    • Trace and reconnect unbroken modern wiring, replace older or broken lines, install any required new lines
    • Install electrical fixtures and sockets
  • Natural Gas
    • Disconnect and cap unnecessary lines to incinerator and old stove
    • Confirm reliability of existing piping to furnace and hot water heater
  • Furnace
    • Select and order replacement furnace and piping
    • Clean supply and return ducting
    • Place, install, and test furnace, humidifier, and AC unit
  • Water
    • Examine existing supply and drain piping, and disconnect degraded or unnecessary lines
    • Plan locations of fixtures
    • Run new piping and stub out for all fixtures
    • Replace and pipe hot water heater
  • Drywall and Finishing
    • Examine wall/ceiling quality and determine walls to replace/demolish
    • Order, install, tape, and mud drywall sheeting
    • Trim and paint
    • Install flooring which was demolished for system installation, or which is too degraded to reuse
    • Sand and refinish existing hardwood
  • Other Installations
    • Kitchen cabinets
    • Bath and Kitchen fixtures (sinks, tub, etc)
  • Exterior
    • Remove remaining overgrowth
    • Gutter cleaning and replacement
    • Porch decking and skirting
    • Get the BEES OUT
    • Do something with the chimney
    • Window repair or replacement
    • Siding repair and repaint
    • Said fence
    • Garage door repair, garage repair or replacement

Just for starters.

And what’s more, I get to blog about all of these, sometimes multiple posts per item! Aren’t you glad you are following us along for the ride?

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